Hannah G Launches THE ROAD TO DUBAI, for the Year 2022.

The All White Vision Board Party attracts industry captains, opinion leaders, civic leaders, celebrities and other high level entrepreneurs. Next year Hannah G is targeting to take the event to new heights by hosting it in the magical city of Dubai.

At the press conference, she launched THE ROAD TO DUBAI, a series of events that will be held locally in the lead up to the all-white Dubai vision board party.

The main event will take place on the 5th to 10th February 2023.

The Road to Dubai has started. We shall be hosting a series of cocktails, brunches and many more media receptions with our partners as we prepare for the main event in Dubai. Life rewards the specifics but punishes the vague wishes; that is why we are inviting everyone to come with us to Dubai to create their own realities.” she said

The all-white Dubai vision board party will entail;

  • Five Day Trip: Demonstration beats conversation, so this time Hannah won’t tell people about vision, but will show them what Vision can achieve, in 50 years Dubai has moved from a Dusty town smaller than Thika to a thriving metropolises. Watching how vision was transformed from ideas to reality will impact participants in ways we can’t even explain. Throughout the Trip, Hannah G will have key teaching moments to re enforce the message.
  • Vision Board Work Book: A beautiful coffee table book that aides you in setting goals for your life, then motivating and inspiring you to achieve them.
  • Business Networking Dinner: To connect the Kenyan and Dubai business and entertainment ecosystem with the aim of fostering deeper collaborations. These networking forums will be executed in conjunction with Africans already doing business in the UAE to provide a cultural and technical link between Africa and the UAE.
  • Music concerts: On top of performing at the main event, we plan to host a series of concerts and showcase performances to help the Kenyan entertainment ecosystem to get a foot hold into Dubai

Dubai is the city of possibilities, it’s a city that was built by vision so this time we don’t want to just teach Vision Boards but show you what vision can achieve.” She explained

As a pre cursor to the main event, Hannah G in conjunction with the Road to Dubai partners, will host a series of events and activations. Unveiled at the press conference The Road to Dubai partners will entail legendary rhumba band Les Wanyika, reigning Miss Curvy Curve Kenya, Evelyn Njeri and Black & Gold Events.

Speaking at the Press conference Les Wanyika band leader Sijali Zuwa decried years of misuse of their intellectual property.

We are honored as Les Wanyika to be considered as a key partner on The Road to Dubai. There are many corporates and media campaigns that have used our music without recognizing us. Our songs have helped many young musicians win talent competitions and has be part of marketing campaigns for big companies. As a group that has for 44 years contributed to the music and marketing ecosystem we look forward to receiving the same support. ” he said

Also at the event model and mental health advocate Evelyn Njeri encouraged the
fashion ecosystem to take advantage of this project to market their brands in Kenya and Dubai.

An emerging center for culture, Dubai has been taking its place as a fashion headquarter of the world. In the lead up to the main event, the road to Dubai will host various engagement forums to help the local fashion ecosystem to plug into Dubai.

Fashion and travel are key pillars of high-end lifestyle and we are excited at seeing how, we can contribute to the growth of tourism,” She said.

“It’s such an honor to be picked as one of the partners to push this great project and I look forward to all the exciting content that we shall be generating.”

Events Company, Black and Gold, have been tasked with curating events and activations for this trip in the lead up to the main event. Dubbed the ROAD TO DUBAI, the three month activation will target various high end venues and gatherings, to push uptake of the tour packages.

There’s a lot that we have in store for all of you we just can’t unveil them all in a day,”

Blackand Gold director Alex Omare

“We aim to create an all-encompassing experience that will make every single road to Dubai event a talk of the town.”

Hannah G will be unveiling other partners as the ROAD TO DUBAI gets underway.

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