Feed the Future and Agrilinks 2023 Photo Contest

Feed the Future and Agrilinks are officially accepting submissions for their 2023 Photo Contest! Submit your action shots that showcase our work in building a food- and water-secure future for all by 3/3/23!

A picture is worth a thousand words. This year, Feed the Future and Agrilinks are hosting a photo contest to help tell our story. Amidst devastating climate shocks, rising food prices and protracted conflict, partnering with and empowering communities to fight against hunger is more vital than ever. Submit your photos by 3/3 to highlight the progress made in building a food-secure future for all and get a chance to win up to $250!


High-resolution photos at least 1024 pixels. Please send us the highest resolution version of the photo you have — submissions must be at least 1 MB. Accepted formats include JPG and JPEG. If you are using Photoshop, please send only level 7 or higher compressed photos.
Photos must each be an original submission, submitted by the photographer or with permission, and not previously submitted to a Feed the Future, Agrilinks, or other USAID photo contest.
Photos must each include a credit: name of the photographer and, if applicable, organizational affiliation.
Photos must each include a unique, robust caption (two to three sentences). This caption should include a description of what is going on in the photo, who is involved, where it was taken, and how it relates to Feed the Future or Agrilinks.
Photos must be taken within the last three years.
Photos must be in color.

Read full details here

Feed the Future is a U.S. Agency for International Development. It invests in countries that are committed to improving their own food security and nutrition. The selection of a country to invest in is based on:

  • Level of need
  • Opportunities for regional efficiencies
  • Potential for our programs to spur growth
  • Host government commitment
  • Opportunities for partnership
  • Resource availability

The U.S. Government also coordinates activities and support across a set of aligned countries and at the regional level in Asia, Central America, and East, Southern and West Africa to improve food security and nutrition through Feed the Future.

Agrilinks is an online hub where agriculture, food security and development professionals connect, share and learn. Established in 2011, Agrilinks has become the go-to source for informative discussions on development topics and the latest information that is furthering resilience, food security and poverty reduction. Interested persons can join here for more.

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