Aisha Jumwa’s in Steamy Action with Mr Right Video Goes Viral

Gender and Public Service Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa is known to be a woman who speaks her mind and one who never shies away from expressing her social life capabilities.

The vocal CS who has blossomed from being an erratic councilor to a powerful figure in the Kenya Kwanza Government minces no words when it comes to matters of love and happiness.

While she is not married yet, her love escapades have never faded and this was evident when she told the whole world at a recent wedding that she is not far away from being caged by a Mr. Right who has ticked all her requirement boxes.

We are in a possession with a video that is very confidential and not yet leaked to the entire republic, the video shows Jumwa flex her muscles as she gives out what her mama gave her in a steamy love action with a man identified as Nassir, (a Somali businessman)

The explicit action as per our confidential sources was filmed in Nairobi’s Westlands area in a secret location only thronged by the mighty and lucky rich of our country.

Nassir, is a well known Somali businessman who has deep rooted networks in the country’s dirty ridden supply chain of state cartels.

Nassir has been dating Aisha Jumwa since she was at JKUAT where she did her certificate in governance. 

They have been secret lovers but it is not clear whether Nassir has completely given in given he has a family.Being a Somali, he can marry upto five.

Polygamy may be practised in some areas of Somalia, whereby a man may have up to four wives. 

However, a man is only allowed to take multiple wives if he can afford to provide for each of them properly (such as providing them their own individual living quarters and kitchen).

Jumwa gave a speech at socialist Akothee’s wedding where she hinted about her upcoming marriage.

Jumwa acknowledged the tendency of people to criticize Akothee and others but emphasized that they would not stop celebrating weddings. She also disclosed that her own wedding would be the next one to take place.

“Just continue talking, but we shall continue getting married. I am next in line, right? I think I will join the committee, and we shall vote, and I will take the mantle,” Aisha stated.

Aisha Jumwa got divorced from her husband after he gave her an ultimatum to decide between her political career or their marriage.

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