Nokia 2780 Flip, Latest Flip Phone by HMD Global

The Nokia 2780 Flip resembles the 2760 Flip more closely. Now with the support of FM radio in two colors—Red and Blue— For the user, the best is promised for a successful conversation thanks to the HD call quality1, a long battery life, and accessibility features. The phone goes at about $90 within the United States.

Nokia 2780 Flip - Red

The Nokia 2780 Flip has a T9 keypad, a classic clamshell-style, and no touch screens. The phone has a 2.7” TFT display on the inside and a 5MP camera with fixed focus and an LED flash, as well as a second 1.77″ diagonal TFT display on the outside. The 2780 Flip has a Qualcomm 215 chipset, which has a quad-core CPU running at 1.3 GHz and a 150 Mbps X5 LTE modem and only supports a single sim card.

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