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Screenwriting is the art and craft of writing scripts for films, television shows, and other visual media. A screenwriter’s job is to create the story, characters, dialogue, and overall structure of a production, which is then used by a director and a film crew to bring the script to life on screen. Screenplays can be written for feature films, television episodic series, web series, animation and other visual mediums. The format of a screenplay is very specific and follows certain conventions, such as scene headings, action lines, character introductions and dialogue. A screenwriter is the person who creates the story, the characters, the dialogue, and the overall structure of a film or television production.

ScreenCraft is a company that focuses on promoting and discovering new screenwriters and their work. They offer a variety of services such as script coverage, mentoring, and competitions for writers to showcase their talents and potentially get their work noticed by industry professionals. They also provide resources and education to help writers improve their craft and advance their careers.
To join ScreenCraft, you can visit their website and create a profile. Once your profile is created, you can then submit your screenplays and other writing materials for consideration in their various programs and competitions. They have a few different opportunities for writers to showcase their work, such as:

Screenplay Contests: ScreenCraft runs multiple screenplay contests throughout the year for feature films, television, and new media. These contests are open to writers of all levels, from amateur to professional. Submissions are accepted via the ScreenCraft website. The 2023 ScreenCraft HORROR Competition Semifinals was held on January 25, 2023.

Fellowship Programs: ScreenCraft offers fellowship programs for screenwriters, TV writers, and playwrights. These programs provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and cash prizes to selected writers.

Coverage Services: ScreenCraft also offers script coverage services to writers. Script coverage is a professional analysis of a script, which includes feedback on the story, characters, dialogue, and overall structure of the script.

Education and Resources: They also have a variety of education and resources for writers, such as webinars, articles, and interviews with industry professionals, to help writers improve their craft and advance their careers.

Keep in mind that ScreenCraft is a paid service and there is a fee to submit your script to their contests or to receive coverage on it. They also have a free newsletter that features industry news and tips.

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