How A City Residence Is a primed location for tycoons, politicians

A flamboyant Kiambu politician, who is in the race for the gubernatorial race from the region has been spotted at a leisure getaway Thursday in Nairobi.

The politician who was spotted by our writer and wished to remain anonymous stated he was using the time off the campaign trail to cool off and think of better strategies that will aid him win the seat into the County Government.

The getaway, Havana Homes, located off Ngong’ Road along Kabarnet is primed as a luxurious spot that offers serene environment away from the bustles of the city life.

With better discounts within affordable range, this might have been a favorable reason as to why most aspirants chose to spend their time at the suites.

Speaking to the residence manager as to why this location proves better to many, the candidate for the governor seat said many people within and out of this country want something that is of better standards and guarantees quality at the same time.

He also said that good security was the reason behind his decision.

“I have been at this place for sometimes now, and the gentleman has been visiting frequently and in addition we have other politician who like paying this place a visit,’’ he said.

When reached for a comment, the politician said that the place is secure and for some times now he has been enjoying a good time with his wife.

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