Google formally releases Android TV 13 OS

Google formally releases Android TV 13 OS. This improvement will provide further speed and accessibility enhancements to support developers in creating compelling apps for the upcoming TV generation.

Performance and Quality

  • Android 13 offers new APIs to the big screen that enables developers to provide users with top-notch experiences across a variety of device kinds..
  • Developers can anticipate audio attribute support for the active audio device and choose the best format without starting playback thanks to improvements to the AudioManager API.
  • For a more reliable playing experience, users can now alter the default resolution and refresh rate on HDMI source devices that are compatible..
  • Now, changes to the HDMI state are revealed to the MediaSession lifecycle. As a result, TV dongles and other HDMI source devices are able to conserve power and halt content in response to changes in the HDMI state.

Accessibility and Input Controls

  • The InputDevice API now supports different keyboard layouts. Game developers can also reference keys by their physical location to support different layouts of physical keyboards.
  • Your app can query the new system-wide audio description preference setting thanks to a newly built API in AccessibilityManager, which enables developers to automatically deliver audio descriptions in accordance with user preferences.
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