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Opibus Ltd Launch an Electric Bus Model That is Tailored to The Needs of Africa

Roam (Opibus Ltd) has created two electric bus models that are tailored to the needs of Africa. The feeder bus is targeted at the Matatu market and the public transportation bus which offers dependability and accessibility to large-scale transit networks

Without sacrificing performance, these systems are designed to ensure cost reduction from day one and to produce no emissions or noise pollution. These electric buses may be charged by a solar panel or straight from the power grid, and because they require much less maintenance, their uptime will be increased. The buses are designed to be of sturdy quality and outfitted with modern comfort to ensure a comfortable ride.

Roam Rapid

While initially costing about the same as existing diesel bus choices, the electric mass transit vehicle saves costs and emissions right away. We eliminate all tailpipe emissions and lower noise pollution in cities because the bus is entirely electric.

The model makes it possible for the initial cost of the electric bus to be comparable to that of the diesel bus. The remaining balance of the cost can then be paid up in less than four years by the vehicle owner using operational savings rather than taking money out of ongoing profits. This concept is adaptable and may be modified to satisfy any client request.

Roam Move

On the other hand, the feeder bus combines the necessary levels of comfort with the robustness needed for harsh usage conditions. This implies that a modern look, state-of-the-art powertrain, and a conventional, sturdy utilitarian architecture were combined to assure smooth operations without sacrificing performance. This entails reducing the price without compromising on reliability or safety.

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