Economic Crisis to be given the Attention it Deserves

By MaryAnne Musilo

In a statement to the press today, the Kenya Women Leaders Association(KEWOLA), urges the government to give the economic crisis the attention it deserves.

“We are aware that we are going through a tough economic period and the most affected are women, children, and the vulnerable. We, therefore, want to see the government giving this issue the attention it deserves even as we look forward to supporting efforts towards economic recovery and progress.” Said Damaris Too- party leader- Chama ya Mapatano.

KEWOLA also thanked president William Ruto, for nominating several women to the cabinet and appeal to the Assembly to approve them during the vetting process.

“We have witnessed and we can all agree that women bring diverse experiences and viewpoints to tackle different agendas in the government. We as Kewola hope more women are included in the government.” She added.

“A reminder to the president, that during the elections, he promised that he was going to appoint 50% of his cabinet to be women. We know well that we have able women leaders who are capable of delivering if given a chance.” Said Dr. Judy Makira- Vice Chair- KEWOLA.

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