Smart or Digital TV? What is the Difference?

A smart TV

Smart TVs are Internet-enabled TVs. Users can watch content from apps or websites, such as Netflix and YouTube. This turns out that you need to be connected to internet to get full features of a Smart TV. With the internet, you can surf on the device without need for a compter. Then the various apps and social media et cetera.
Digital TV, on the other hand, is now considered regular TV (instead of the analog type TV), which only receives content through the normal TV antenna. However, one can use set-top devices to upgrade a digital TV and gain full access to the smart TV experience.
Here are the top 5 features that we think you absolutely must have if you’re looking for a new smart TV for your home.

  1. 4K UHD Streaming Video
    While it is logical that owning a 4K UHD Smart TV with a subscription to some of these services would automatically provide access to their particular 4K UHD selections, it doesn’t. Your Smart TV has to be compatible with that specific service. Not all TVs are, nor are all the services. If 4K UHD streaming is important to you, check to confirm to see which Smart TVs are compatible—and make sure you have a fast Internet connection. Netflix recommends “at least 25 mbps to stream Ultra HD titles.”
  2. Recommendation Engine
    Most service providers do provide a recommendation of a related service. From YouTube to Netflix, Amazon, and many others, a list of related or simmillar rating items will prop up so that one may follow along. “If you liked this,” they say, “then you might like…” or, “Other people who bought this also bought…” And your Smart TV will do you good to offer such suggestions? These can provide some very useful suggestions when the specific movie or TV show you want isn’t available to stream.
  3. Search Function
    The good thing with internet is that we can search and explore content. Most Smart TVs have a built-in search engine or “guide” that will look for the particular movie, TV show, actor, genre, or whatever. They’re not equal as some look everywhere, while others are configured to peruse certain services. If you want a really smart Smart TV, get one with the widest search capabilities.
  4. Transfer Smartphone Content to the Smart TV
    The ability to send content from your smartphone or tablet to your TV. With a compatible app on your phone or tablet, you can display photos, play videos, and transfer streaming content wirelessly from your smart device to the Smart TV.
  5. Streaming Video Services
    Here, you can sign up for online streaming video service, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and many more. This will offer better services than normal renting of videos from a local shop. Use your fast Internet connection to access the many movies and TV shows that are streamed out there. This is possible if your Smart TV has this feature that supports the online service(s) you want to use. Downloading Sling TV app, for example, you get their free streaming services and can opt for their paid subscription whenever you may need. However, this feature may not exist if your TV is not compatible with it.

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