Digital Number Plates Unveiled for Enhanced Security

Car number plates

The Kenyan NTSA is responsible for vehicle registration. With the advent of digital number plates, the procedure for registering new vehicles and obtaining new license plates in Kenya is set to become much simpler and quicker.

Within the period of 18 months, vehicle owners are supposed to replace the old number plates with the new ones at the cost of Ksh.3,000.

The plates now have two distinguishing qualities: first, they incorporate security measures that enable law enforcement to track vehicles. The feature is essentially a microchip that security organizations can read from a distance. Secondly, the plates have a better look, as compared to the previous design.

Aside from the number plate, practically all other components have advanced, making for more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. Now, the digital number plate has many advantages but there are also valid worries regarding potential drawbacks.

The main reason why digitalize number plates is to make the vehicle registration process simpler, more efficient, and more convenient. It would allow NTSA to process license plate applications much faster, and some say it would help the government save money.

Electronic license plates can help make roadways safer by modernizing the registration procedure as well as assisting law enforcement in locating criminals and auto thieves. Additionally, the NTSA can use these plates to display notifications about expired registration or driver’s licenses.

The major drawback of electronic registration plates is that they could be used by the government to violate people’s privacy. They make it simple for the government to track your whereabouts at any given time and collect and keep that data for as long as necessary. Because of this, privacy advocates may be adamant that laws be passed to specify how governments can use the data they collect and whether or not the database would accessible.

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