Ban of the GM Seeds was Illegal- KUBICO

MaryAnne Musilo,

The kenya University Biotechnology Consortium (KUBICO) has today clarified on the process of developing GMOs, their safety, and socio-economics of adopting this technology, saying that the ban on the GMOs was illegal and had been lifted in June 2017.

Speaking to the press, Secretary General KUBICO Dr. Joel Ochieng, said that the government allowed open cultivation of Bt cotton (a GM variety) in 2019 then later allowed import to GM maize in July 2022 as it will lowers food prices.

” We thank the government for lifting the ban on importation of GM foods and we expect the food prices to come down. The GM maize is cheaper than non-GM.”

Stated Ochieng

This follows after the current disclosure about Cabinet’s recent decision to lift the ban on cultivation and importation of genetically modified crops which has taken a political and emotive angle, which seems to have clouded the facts about biotechnology.

KUBICO which is a guild of biotechnology and biosafety experts in public universities that apply a raft of technologies to enhance food security, human and animal health, and the environment, says that research has been carried out and there is no single safety concern associated with Bt crops.

“Hansard of 3 August 2011 shows top political leaders supported GM foods that have been tested and proven to be safe and the capacity of the country to regulate these products. “

Ochieng further stated.

KUBICO added that it is high time kenyans embrace technology and stop over debating over mere issues amd look at a larger picture which will benefit all.


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