Amazing Offers From Jambojet’s Loyalty Reward Program

All clients who sign up for Jambojet Rewards and the Jambojet reward program will receive coupons thanks to a partnership between the airline Jambojet and Pan-African payments business Cellulant.
Jambojet, flies to Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu, Diani, Kisumu, Eldoret, and Goma in the DRC from its main hub in Nairobi. Additionally, it offers nonstop service from Mombasa to Eldoret, Kisumu, and Lamu.
A one-stop payment gateway called Tingg, offered by Cellulant, makes it simple for African businesses to send and receive payments in different currencies using a variety of payment methods. Through the platform, companies may provide their clients with a seamless payment experience.
Customers will benefit from the agreement by receiving more than 600 discount coupons, each worth Kshs 3,000, to use toward the cost of tickets when making reservations to any of the airline’s destinations.
Jambojet Rewards, a loyalty program that rewards passengers with points for each flight they take on the airline, was introduced in April. Over 10,000 users have registered for the reward program since it began, the bulk of whom paid with mobile money.

The Launch Team for Cellulant and Jambojet
Titus Aboogi, Head of Sales and Marketing Jambojet and Akshay Grover Group CEO at Cellulant at the Launch

“More than 70% of our clients use mobile money to purchase tickets that they have purchased online. Our devoted customers, some of whom fly up to 100 times a year, will benefit from this cooperation with Cellulant in addition to previous benefits. As stated by Mr. Karanja Ndegwa, Managing Director & CEO of Jambojet, “our customers have the opportunity to receive a Kes 3,000 coupon to pay for a portion of their ticket when making a future booking.
One must have registered for Jambojet Rewards online in order to be eligible to win the discount voucher of Kes 3,000. Up to 80 people may receive rewards each week for eight weeks from Jambojet and Cellulant, who will choose the winners at random. A total of 660 customers will receive rewards.
The rewards program is powered by Tingg by Cellulant, which is also providing two million shillings in the form of discount coupons to support digital payment methods and promote local travel.
“We’re pleased to strengthen our long-standing cooperation with Jambojet by enabling them to provide a seamless payment experience to their frequent clients,” stated Akshay Grover, CEO of Cellulant Group.
“In today’s digital environment, businesses who provide frictionless digital payment experiences enjoy a competitive advantage as consumers grow more and more digital-first. This collaboration strengthens our resolve to help businesses succeed, which we accomplish by offering appropriate alternative payment ways. said the CEO.

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