Aben DonSonko- Borabu’s future

By MaryAnne Musilo,

With the Jubilee party aspirants embracing consensus, they were able to issue nomination certificate with less drama.

Aben DanSonko Rogena- Borabu constituency in Nyamira County, parliamentary aspirant was among those issued the certificate.

The nomination certificates were issued as from Tuesday 19, April.

Mr Aben could not hide his joy, and he addressed the media yesterday saying that the consensus run smooth and fair than nomination which brings unnecessary drama.

“To Borabu people, my passion was triggered by your needs. There is a lot to be done and I believe that with a good leader, who is committed to serve the people, Borabu will see a new age of we’ll planned and executed projects meant to improve to social and living standards of the common mwananchi.” Said Aben DanSonko.

“I know how it feels to lack and I know am the perfect person to execute all projects for my people.” He further stated.

As it stands, Aben DanSonko Rogena is Borabu’s future.

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