Nairobi County Scouts Council Calls out for Government Intervention

By MaryAnne Musilo

The Nairobi County Scouts Council is calling out for government intervention after their operations were disrupted by a group of people, accompanied by the police officers, who claim to have taken over as caretaker committee.
This came after a group took the Nairobi county scout council were taken to court for no apparent reason.
Briefing the media at the Rowallan scouts camp headquarters in Nairobi, Solomon Kimani- The Camp Manager, asks the Government to intervene and restore normal services.
“As bonafide members, we condemn the way the group invaded our camp with no official notice. Our bosses were not even aware about the new developments. This is totally wrong and unacceptable” Solomon stated
“A team of strangers , he added came here and started harrasing our staffs. We want the Government and stakeholders to come in, we are not secure”
“The action was so unprofessional. We need to be assure of our security and any issue should not affect our camp site since it is a training site for young people.” Said George Ochieng -Assistant County Commissioner in charge of training, Nairobi.
Ochieng however said despite the disturbance , operations at the camp were going on as usual but with a alot of tension and suspicion on incoming visitors.
The council accused the ‘intruders’ for trespass in their Rowallan scout camp, interfering with their normal operation and failing to provide an official notice.
Atanasi Reuben- Lang’at a sub county, scouts commissioner, said that they were disappointed with what was published on Wednesday 20th, April. He further stated that the operation should have been done properly and the intruders should have an agreement with their bosses for their is a hierarchy.

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