Varsity Students Defend Ngatia Over Handout Claims

Varsity students have come out immensely in defense for KNCCI president Richard Ngatia after being bashed on social media for leaving students stranded yesterday at St. Andrew ‘s Church Hall where the politician had hosted the function.

The students have said the colorful function was attended by students from all universities and technical colleges within the county and were contented by Ngatia’s presentation in his bid for Nairobi county top seat.

The students have distanced themselves from the allegations which they termed as mere and petty being peddled by Ngatia’s rivals to tarnish his good name.

“The people masquerading as students in the video clip trending on social media are goons and touts who had purposely come to ruin the function of his excellency Richard Ngatia. We blocked them from accessing the venue which made the function peaceful and exciting thus the opponents’ bitterness intensified,” said Antony Manyara, a student leader at University of Nairobi.

He ratified that everyone under that roof was facilitated by their respective students’ coordinators immediately after the function and that those who hanged around were gate crushing the event.

They said Ngatia’s opponents had ferried people from Githurai and Mathare to incite violence during the event.

This comes weeks after Ngatia received endorsement from various groups including Nairobi traders, Boda Boda riders, the clergy and women groups.

The students have today told our reporters that Ngatia has a great vision for the capital city and deserves the position.

Speaking during the function, Ngatia said: “We are going to have our students linked to counties, national and international opportunities to eliminate the perpetual malady of poverty and unemployment torturing youths in Nairobi.”

He said unemployment is the key cause of drug abuse, depression and suicide in the country.

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